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The Dream Scouts are six young people between the ages of twelve and seventeen. They live in and around the Adams Morgan area of the District of Columbia, or something very like it. Adams Morgan is that part of Washington, D.C. just south and east of Connecticut Avenue and the National Zoo. It is a multi-ethnic neighborhood with lots of small shops, restaurants, and every kind of dwelling from single family homes to large apartment complexes. Rock Creek Park, which holds the Zoo, faces the western boundary of the neighborhood. The Dream Scouts meet one another through various adventures having to do with dreaming, and ultimately realize that they are a group, with some real work to do in the world.

A Note About Hyperlinks: The text for this section gives examples of the types of links which will be available from the Dream Scouts web site, which will be designed to open windows onto the various cultures from which the Dream Scouts come, and onto the various activities they enjoy. The web site itself will encourage intercultural communication and the sharing of dreams.


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