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Dream Scouts Activities

Once they've joined the Dream Scouts International Program, Scouts will be asked to record their dreams for a period of two weeks, to look at just what types of dreams they have. Once they've tried this, many dreamers begin to record their dreams on a regular basis.

Many dreamers, those who don't often remember their dreams for example, will begin with Sueno, at the very roots of dreaming.

In the Medicine Way, there is the saying, "All things are equal on the wheel." However, by beginning in our natural beginning place, and moving around the circle of dreams, we can learn more about ourselves, more about our dreams, and more about our world. There are certain tasks and activities associated with each aspect of the circle of dreams though.

To see a sampling of what activities and adventures might await for Dream Scouts, simply hold your mouse over the picture of any one of the fictional Dream Scouts above. A click on the Scouts' pictures will take you to a bio of that Scout and the role that Scout plays in the Dream Scouts Adventure Books.

Move the Mouse over the picture, and you will see which area of the program the fictional Scouts represents. A click on that rollover will take you to a sample of Dream Scout activities. Or click here for a sample activity.


Password Protected Pages

Because many parents worry about what could happen to children online, The Dream Scouts International Program provides password-protected pages of the web site, accessible only to members of the Dream Scouts International Program. Password protected pages are easy to use. Just log in and insert your password.

To explore this feature of the Dream Scouts International Program, use the login and password provided here:

Login: DreamScout Password: Easy2do

Then take a look at the sample Bulletin Board used for Scouts communication. (You can leave a message if you'd like to), and the sample Activity Page provided.

Being a Dream Scouts is easy and fun. Scouts will also receive a monthly E-Newsletter, access to the Dream Scouts Store, and personal communication via e-mail with Dream Scouts staff.

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