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Therapy Works

There are times when our internal magic seems to falter. These are the times when therapy works.

Several types of therapies are offered through The iMAGE Project: Energetic Metatherapy
, DreamWork/ BodyWork, and more traditional individual, group and family therapy.  Through this aspect of our program, we also offer workshops and seminars centered on individual and group creativity.

All of the creators of The iMAGE Project were trained in Energetic Metatherapy by Dr. Hector Kuri-Cano, a psychotherapist from Guadalajara, Mexico, to whom we owe a great debt.  Hector counted among his teachers both Eric Fromm and Alexander Lowen. His work was the development of a therapeutic approach which emphasizes the connections between body, mind and spirit.  According to Hector, the purpose of therapy is to help us regain our birthright: free access to our emotions, joy in life, and the magic of connectedness.

All of the therapies practiced through The iMAGE Project are based on the belief that each of us has the ability to understand our Self.  We each understand how to be whole, healthy and happy.  Yet sometimes we conceal this information from ourselves.  A therapist can provide tools for self understanding and act as a witness to our growth.  As Hector would say, "The role of the therapist is to dance with the client; to follow the client," and sometimes to evoke what the client wants and needs.

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