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Aid for Traumatized Children Project

When the World Dreams Peace Bridge was created in 2001, it was created without affiliation to any nonprofit organization, because it might conceivably be seen as political, and nonprofit organizations cannot involve themselves in political activity.

However, when the Aid for Traumatized Children Project grew spontaneously from the dreams of several members of the Peace Bridge discussion group, it became clear that not only was this project apolitical, but there were many advantages to its being part of the group of activities sheltered by the umbrella of The iMAGE Project.

Currently, the Aid for Traumatized Children project works exclusively with the children of Iraq, providing therapeutic toys, soft stuffed animals and other tools for recovering from the trauma of war.  You can read more about this project on The World Dreams Peace Bridge web site, where you will also find an invitation to joining us in this work.  Read more about the Peace Bridge as well. 
There can never be too many people dreaming of Peace.

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