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Hector Kuri-Cano

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Hector spent his early years, as did his other relatives, helping out in the shoe factory owned by his Lebanese grandfather. As a particular favorite of his grandfather's, sometimes Hector would join him at night as the two of them sneaked out to go to the cinema. This contributed to Hector's lifelong love for the movies.

As a boy growing up, Hector wrote poetry, played baseball, studied with the Jesuits, and was destined to become a priest, until he renounced his vocation in his early teens. He began practicing yoga (as well as singing opera) when he was sixteen.

Later, once he had become a practicing psychotherapist, Hector studied with psychiatrist Eric Fromm, whose work impressed him deeply. But he found himself to be always searching. His first encounter with Bioenergetics came in the 1970s, through meeting Dr. Stanley Keleman in the United States, at California's Esalen Institute. He was intrigued by the body approach to psychotherapy, and soon began studying with the founder of Bioenergetics, Alexander Lowen, M.D., in New York.

However, a life threatening physical illness plagued him at this time and, according to Hector, on one of his trips to New York City, "I just stayed on the plane and went to India."

There, he traveled throughout India and the Middle East, studying with a variety of masters and gurus. Thus combining his knowledge of body psychotherapy with meditation and other metaphysical practices, he cured himself. On his return to Mexico, he began to develop Energetic Metatherapy, which he taught and practiced in the United States and Mexico until his death in 1996.



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