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Milk and Cookies at the Beach
Valley Reed
Age: 42

submitted 4/28/05

MilkYears ago back in my twenties I was traveling a bit and I ended up staying with a friend in Laguna Beach California.  I was aware that a dear friend of mine from the Dallas area had recently moved there and I knew I should contact him while I was there so we could get together.

For some reason the thought of me contacting him and going through the trouble of tracking him down was not terribly appealing to me. I thought to myself, I don't want to contact him I want him to come and see me!

This of course was ludicrous because he had no knowledge that I was in California or where I was, still I felt very strongly about it and did not contact him.

CookiesThe very next day I am walking down the boardwalk at Main Beach in Laguna and I sit down to rest. A man walks over and sits next to me, I look over and notice it is my friend sitting next to me and he does not realize he is sitting next to me!  I jump up and start screaming his name and give him a big hug and he is totally shocked!  I tell him my story about not wanting to contact him, that I wanted him to come to me and he responds by announcing that there is no explanation for this other than I must be a witch!

We celebrate our reunion by sharing chocolate chip cookies and milk, watching the sunset over the ocean at Laguna Beach.  Life is good!

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