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A Boy and A Puddle
Kotaro Miyagi
submitted 5/3/05

PuddleOn the very day when I asked my readings to Poseidia Institute through Mr. Yoh Hayashi my snail like walk began and I am here now. I am not fond of the word ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’. Instead of them I would like to use the verb ‘choose’ consciously or unconsciously. Every day I have many turning points, I believe. The earliest memory of such idea is on a path to my home when I was 8 years old. On the way back to my home from primary school, there was a short cut path. As it was after the rain there was a small water on the path. I stopped in front of it and wondered. What will it be my life if I choose right side of the water, or left side of it? Even a small difference it will become extremely big one. I think I was in very naïve way of pondering. I hesitated a while and next moment I jumped over water. I felt very fine.


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