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Surprise Insurance Doctor
Harry Bosma
Age 39

submitted 4/26/05

Due to chronic illness I often had to visit insurance doctors. At best these doctors were uninterested and not helpful. One doctor however was different. She listened. She asked me intelligent follow-up questions. Then she made a few connections between different symptoms, connections nobody had ever made before. I think she came from a different planet. She seemed so out of place in that environment of bureaucratic health accountants.

She advised me to see a homeopathic doctor. Later that year I decided to give it a try. I found a homeopathic doctor, and he too listened. He found a treatment for me, based on the substance of a particular plant. It turned out that we have this plant all over in our garden. In front of the house, next to the house, behind the house. I've read that this happens more often. That nature magically provides the cure for your illnesses in your immediate environment, but we don't recognize it, or don't know how to use it.

Talking about close at home. The homeopathic treatment made a good start with the healing process, but there was more that needed to be done. Fast forward to a few years later. The door bell rings. A man has heard about my problems, he's an energy healer, just happened to be in the neighborhood, and can he come in. Really, I'm not joking. Sure, uh, ok, come in. Long story short, he turned out to be really gifted, fixing all kinds of physical problems just by holding his hand in front of me.

There's more, but enough about the magic of healing. Let me try to think of another type of story.

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