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Magic Unfolding
Age: 47

submitted 4/27/05

I am a sleeping dreamer, dreaming big, dreaming small, dreaming true or not at all! Sometimes I dream for me and sometimes I dream for you.
I am a waking dreamer, dreaming big, dreaming small, dreaming hopeful for all!
But my dreaming has a problem, a tale not so short but not at all tall.
I accept my sleeping dreams easily, but my waking dreams not so much at all!

Well, I have set out to “cure” this problem, as the Image Project suggests,
As to the “doubting Thomas” of my waking dreams, it is time to give him a rest!
You see there is a quiet miracle unfolding, and there are people trying to give their best,
To a magical place that I’ve dreamed of and for many years, no jest!
The place is a center of healing, a place to rejuvenate and refresh,
A place to share the communion of others, who wish to dream their very best.

In my dreams I have called it the Big House, “the Big House of my Dreams,”
A spa-like retreat in nature, inspiring health and “community,”
A place to dine with others and share our creativity,
A “Sanctuary” for dreaming, to honor their depth and mystery,
A magical place for dreamers, where their spirits may soar free!

Oh what a magical sleeping dream, I hold it dear within my heart.
Yet I have heard that in waking life, this dream lay neither separate nor far apart.
This is a miracle unfolding, one for you, and one for me,
I keep it like a treasure in my waking and sleeping memory.
I remain hopeful that the day will come when the key turns in the lock,
When the door is finally opened and through it many dreamers walk.

To add to this Magic Unfolding, I add the following true account, I was left a key to a treasure, back in 1997. Someone left it on my back porch, but no note was ever given.  A crimson cord held the key in place; Oh what great mystery!  I have no idea where the treasure lay, but the metaphor is powerfully stirring….

I now lead you back to the beginning of the point of this not so short tale,  For although the Magic isn’t quite complete, I know it is in process of Unfolding.

I sought “The Brothers Grimm” for help, before I began this story,
And wouldn’t you know I found the perfect tale,
To help me on this written journey.

..from The Brothers Grimm

ONE winter, when a deep snow was lying on the ground, a poor Boy had to go out in a sledge to fetch wood. As soon as he had collected together a sufficient quantity, he thought that before he returned home he would make a fire to warm himself at, because his limbs were so frozen. So sweeping the snow away, he made a clear space and presently found a small gold key. As soon as he picked it up, he began to think that where there was a key there must also be a lock; and digging in the earth he found a small iron chest. “I hope the key will fit,” thought he to himself; “there are certainly great treasures in this box!” He looked all over it, but could not find any key hole; till at last he did discover one, which was, however, so small that it could scarcely be seen. He tried the key, and behold! it fitted exactly. Then he turned it once round, and now we must wait until he has quite unlocked it, and lifted the lid up, and then we shall learn what wonderful treasures were in the chest!

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